Dream Bars

dream-bar.jpgI wonder how dream bars got their name. If you dream of coconutty, buttery, gooey goodness, it makes sense. If you dream of eating healthy and keeping your weight in check, the name might not be quite so accurate.

Dream bars were the first dessert recipe I decided to try from The Joy of Cooking, based on their notation within the recipe that many copies of the cookbook had been sold on the strength of that recipe.  It must be something special, I thought. On top of that, Julian loves dream bars, so I decided to throw that together as a surprise.

It was new territory for me, as I had never made layered bars before, and as a whole, I think they turned out well. The final layer, however, I am unsure of whether I made it right. The recipe calls to spread it across the top layer, but for one thing, there was so little to spread, and on the other hand, most of it sank into the coconut and walnut layer, and came out looking more like a glaze than a layer.  Perhaps it was because I put it on when the bar was too hot.  Or maybe it’s meant to be like that?  Next time I will let the bar cool for a little longer before attempting to spread the glaze.

The bars also turned out very crumbly, and don’t cut into clean-cut pieces.  They’re ideal for crumbling off little bits so it doesn’t feel like you’re eating as much as you actually are.

They turned out buttery and delicious, a perfect mix of gooey on the top and shortbread-crusty at the bottom.  They were also intensely sweet, so perfect if you are baking for a mega sweet tooth. The one thing they significantly lack though is chocolate, and once I learn some more technical aspects of cooking, I’d like to learn how to incorporate some into the recipe.

Because of the large amount of dream bar the recipe yields, I’ve decided this is a recipe better suited for a night with company than for baking for two, as there is just too much and a significant amount of it will go to waste.  I pawned some off on my sister and brought some in to work, and still have too much left over on my counter.

In conclusion, I can’t stay it was an unsuccessful recipe, but it wasn’t the type I will pull out of the theoretical recipe box all that often, simply because it yields so very much and is just so intensely sweet.  But if you’ve got a big family full of sweet tooths (sweet teeth?), by all means, go for it!


Have you tried The Joy of Cooking‘s dream bars recipe, and if so, how did they turn out?  What is your ultimate favorite dream bar recipe?