A Couple New Things

Today I set my alarm for 3:00 and curled up for a nap on my couch.  I had to leave for work at 3:20 but I was so exhausted I needed to catch a couple minutes of sleep.  An hour later, I opened my eyes with that terror-of-being-late feeling and looked at my phone. I had completely missed the alarm somehow, and it was 3:15. I scrambled up, brushed my teeth, and rushed out the door– somehow I managed to be on time.

That’s just a glimpse into how exhausting my week has been. I’ve worked a lot of late shifts, and besides that, I’ve started a new job!  (On top of the boutique job I already had.)  The exciting thing about it is– it’s at a bakery!  It’s my first food services job since my brief five-month stint at Chipotle, my first job which I hated and left from with daily headaches.  But this one is a dream job.  Or, at least, a step towards a dream job.  I’m working in the front, taking orders and grabbing chocolate croissants, baguettes, and apple tarts for regulars, parents taking their kids to school, workers stopping in for lunch. Right behind me, bakers are rolling out dough, cutting pears for frangipane, shaping loaves.  One day, I hope to be back there with them. But for now, I’m just a couple feet away and making people’s day better by getting them delicious food.  It’s a step.

It’s been a joy getting to try different baked goods while I’m there too.  Yesterday I brought home some onion focaccia and enjoyed it alongside some potato leek soup. Today I was eyeing chocolate croissants all morning but they sold out before I could get one. 😥

I’ve also registered for classes for January– I will probably start part time, with Introduction to Hospitality Management, Sanitation and Safety, and Fundamentals of Culinary Arts.  I’m most excited for that last one– I’ll learn knife skills, measurement conversions, the ins and outs of stocks and sauces….  I can’t wait!

The last bit of news is that I’ve started an Instagram!  This is so I can keep up with you all even when I don’t have time to write a longer post.  You’ll see pictures of my own creations as well as the food I’m enjoying around Cleveland (and elsewhere, when I get the chance.)  Check it out at @honeykitchen16.

Til next time!  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz